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1956 Carroll Shelby-Phil Hill photograph in the Carroll Shelby Gallery



Effective August 26, 2021 forward. 


*Print Selection. Contact me directly at my William Edgar Archive email william.edgar.archive@gmail.com ] to specify your print(s) selection, referring to the 2-Letter Gallery Code followed by the 5-Letter Image Name (such as "CS-VHPS6" for the Shelby-Hill photograph seen above on this page). Also be sure to designate precisely what Size photographic print(s) you want; either 18-inches Wide by 12-inches High (USD $ 40.00), or 30-inches Wide by 20-inches High (USD $ 60.00); or, as in some cases indicated on the gallery page, only the one format size of 20-inches Wide by 16-inches High (USD $ 50.00).


The Handling and Shipping fees are added: Domestic United States (USD $15) or International (USD $30-$50).


The photograph’s reference code-name, title, description, pricing, and sizes are accessed for on-screen information by clicking the boxed i ] symbol above the upper left corner of the photograph's sample image, where the added Handlng & Shipping charges are noted for both Domestic and International. NOTE: Prints are offered and made only in the sizes indicated.


*Print Quality.  All of William Edgar Archive’s print enlargements, both Black-and-White and Color, are professionally lab-processed from high-resolution digital files scanned from my William Edgar Archive original materials and printed onto professional archival photographic paper.  When scanning and printing your print(s), optimum adjustments will be made for the best possible image quality regarding Cleaning, Contrast, Sharpness, and Image Tone Values. NOTE: On the bottom right of each print there will be, in very small letter font, the image photographer's name, the original photograph's year, along with the words: William Edgar Archive.


*Printing of the selected image(s). Reproduction prints are made with Luster Finish in only the print's Width and Height sizes indicated, and priced accordingly. After contacting me through my Email, and before your payment is made, you will receive an email reply from me at William Edgar Archive confirming your print(s) selection and the total price that includes the cost of print(s) plus handling/shipping charge. 


*PayPal.  This method of payment results in expeditious processing, mailing and destination delivery of your selected photographic print(s). As soon as your PayPal payment is received and clears in my bank account, printing is begun and, when back from the photo lab, your print(s) order will be shipped to you. This can take up to TWO WEEKS before actual shipping occurs. For making your PayPal payment, the PayPal email account address for William Edgar Archive is:  

[ william.edgar.archive@gmail.com ] 


*Shipping. Your photographic print(s) order is carefully rolled and shipped to the recipient in a sturdy, heavy-duty mailing tube with interior cushioning at both ends and securely sealed externally. The method of shipping is typically by United States Postal Service Priority Mail, giving each shipment a Tracking Number and expected delivery date. A recipient's signature is required at the time of delivery. Unforeseen lab delays at times may cause a potential slow-down in shipping, but I try my best to avoid that problem.   

1956 Palm Springs photograph in the Racing Venues Gallery

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