William Edgar Archive


I love portable manual typewriters and have owned and used daily this same Italian-designed, built-in-Spain Olivetti "Lettera 32" machine since new in 1970. That's Fifty years! Millions of words have been hammered to paper by its sturdy keys and near countless ribbons. It just keeps on clacking, and clacking, rocking around the clock. Novelist Cormac McCarthy had an Olivetti just like this one on which he wrote his best-seller books and then sold the typewriter at auction for a quarter of a million dollars. My "Lettera 32" isn't his. It's mine. And it's not for sale. It's for keeping my daily notes, writing personal letters, and roughing out narrative sentences and paragraphs. And, yes, it's also for typing shipping labels when you buy an enlargement print from William Edgar Archive.  

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